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    Grow your Garden is your very own professional landscaping team, delivering services on a seasonal basis. Letting you manage the day to day running, but Princeton will ensure the stage is set for your garden to thrive, into the direction which suits your space, taste, and budget. The service aims to provide expert landscaping advice, services and results at a fraction of the price it would cost on a once off basis.

    Client specific tailored solutions include a detailed profile, plan and annual execution to ensure that you see the results you desire!

    Princeton Land and Cleanse also offer Landscaping services to retail, hospitality as well as healthcare and industrial clients, with experience and professional service to assist with any size project. With ongoing maintenance plans to suit your needs and budget!

    Grow your garden USP Rev 18

    “Cleaning was the biggest growth sector for Princeton in 2020, with the introduction of San-i-tize, which operates throughout the Southern Suburbs and provides a much-appreciated service of sanitising municipal bins on a bi-monthly basis to our Armed Response client base.” 

    All Princeton Armed response clients benefit from a bi-monthly cleaning service for the wheelie bins, this is included in your standard service offerings fee, whereby our skilled teams move through our response areas on municipal refuse days and disinfect Our clients wheelie bins.

    We do however offer the Sanitize service to other households throughout Wynberg, Constantia as well as Plumstead!

    Our sanitize teams are trained and super effective at their duties, leaving your bin not only sparkling clean, but fresh smelling too!

    The other benefit of this service is the addition of trusted eyes and ears on our streets which add to the overall security of our response areas.

    In addition to the Bin San-i-tize service, Princeton cleanse provides trained and vetted teams of cleaners to corporate, hospitality and industrial sites to carry out routine cleaning operations. The teams are well briefed and managed, and by making use of quality products, we provide trusted service time and time again!

    Bringing decades of cleaning experience to our residential clients with Bin SAN-I-TIZE!