Mark Le Roux

Director of Landscaping, Trolley management and Sanitation

For such a big guy, he sure likes plants.

Colin Maree

Co-founder, Marketing and business innovation

Don’t beat around the Bush, let’s do business

David Peacock

Co-founder and Chief of Finance

A Man who handles immense pressure with confidence and grace

Samora Biko

BBEEE score and economic effect

A man of ethics and understanding

Laetitia Ross

Accounting matriarch.

World’s greatest baker!

Lindi Pillay

Reception, Facilities management

Please do not put anything on the desk. #AskingForAFriend

Erika Behr

Group Marketing Manager

Rainbows and Unicorns anyone?

Darrell Friggens

Technical and Armed Response Development and Sales

Also known on the streets as Delta1

Shaleen Feun

Technical Management

A boere meisie definitely knows how to get things done!

Melissa Blankenberg

Group HR Manager

Cute as a button, tough as nails.